Tennis is the major sport for girls in the summer term. For the boys it is an option, although boys below Year 11 can only take tennis if not required for cricket.

The school has 24 astroturf courts for use in the summer term only and six tarmac courts, which are also available in the autumn term. The tarmac courts were resurfaced in 2002.

Those who play tennis in Years 9-13 do so four days per week, with matches on most Wednesdays and Saturdays for the School teams. Those in Years 7 and 8 will normally play twice a week. In addition, a number of girls’ teams have been entered in a league competition, so they have matches on other days as well.

We play against a large number of surrounding independent schools, the furthest away being Millfield and Wells. We normally play three boys’ teams – 1st, 2nd and U16; as many girls’ teams as the opposition can provide – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, U15, U14, U13 and U12; and sometimes B teams in the younger age groups.

Tennis 2016

Boys' Captain:Ben Ames OH/W
Boys' Vice Captain:Paul Riegel P/W
Girls' Captain:Amber Titchener NC/W
Girls' Vice Captain:Emily Combe NC/W

Boys' Tennis 2016

Opposition 1st 2nd 3rd U16 U16B U15A U15B U14A Mixed 1st
King's Taunton                  
Millfield Lost 0-9 Lost 3-6 Won 6-3            
W Buckland                  
Taunton School Lost 0-9 Won 5-4 Won 5-4            
King's Taunton Lost 3-6     Lost 0-9          
Clifton College Won 6-3 Won 7-2 Lost 3-6            
Queen's Taunton                  
Mount Kelly                  
Wellington School                  

Girls' Tennis 2016

Opposition 1st 2nd 3rd 4th U15A U15B U14A U14B U13 U12
King's Taunton                    
West Buckland A                    
The Maynard                    
Exeter School                    
Clifton College         Won 5-4   Lost 1-8      
King's Ottery                    
Wellington School                    
Queen's Taunton         Won 7-2   Lost 2-7      
Taunton School                    
Stoodley Knowle                    


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