Dr Michael C Bartlett OH 1949-53

Bush DoctorBattling a deadly diphtheria outbreak alone was all in a day's – or a few months' – work for a country GP of a bygone era, as described in this excerpt from the fascinating memoir of Dr Felix Bartlett. Dr Bartlett worked in Cowra, NSW, at the turn of the previous century. His memoires were edited by his grandson, OB Michael Bartlett. A more detailed biography can be seen lower down this page.

Dr Paul Dawson-Bowling M 1953-60

The Wagner ExperienceThe Wagner Experience”. In this bicentenary celebration of Wagner and his music, Paul Dawson-Bowling introduces, deepens and enriches the Wagner Experience for the newcomer and the seasoned Wagnerian alike. Expounding in colourful style the stories, the sources and the lessons of Wagner’s great dramas, he offers unusual insights into the man, his works and their meaning, while grappling with the music’s almost occult power.

Please click here to see a review on the book or here for details on how to purchase the book.

Gallagher, Charles SH 1937-42

Memories of a Different World"Memories of a Different World: My tribute to all those who served in Bomber Command" has recently been published - part of the proceeds will go to the RAF Benevolent Fund. The book is priced at £7.99 + P&P. You can see the website for the book here.

Paul Gunton P 1952-57

'Travels in a Teacup' by Paul GuntonFor most of us the only travelling involved in tea drinking is carrying a steaming cuppa from the kitchen to a comfy chair. But for those in the trade, growing, selecting, tasting, blending, shipping and selling tea once constituted a passport to travel in exotic places. In this fascinating and amusing book, Paul Gunton describes his life as a tea taster, recounting the story of 40 years spent in the trade, travelling in India, Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, England and Ireland. With a light touch he describes the job he did, the people he met and the places he saw during his working life in the tea trade. In the Global Village of the 21st Century, Travels in a Teacup is a refreshing description of a world that has largely disappeared.

Hollands, John OH 1946-51

John Hollands has had two books published to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War.

The Dead, The Dying and the Damned by John Hollands“Heroes of the Hook” relates to his personal experiences as a National Serviceman, culminating in the Battle of The Hook, a hill on which more men died than any other hill in Korea.

From these experiences, Hollands went on to write his famous anti-war novel “The Dead, the Dying and the Damned”. This is now re-issued and the two books form a fascinating picture of how as a 20 year old, he converted his experiences into a book which became the definitive novel of the Korean War, with sales now over 3 million.

John's latest novel is set in the time of the Great War. It is already on Kindle and will be published in hardback early in 2018 to coincide with 100th anniversary of the Great War Armistice, later in the year. It is entitled "The Man Who Shot Siegfried Sassoon". The Man Who Shot Siegfried Sassoon, by John HollandsSassoon was one of the leading poets of the Great War but he will be remembered most for his protest against the war in 1917. It was a very strange, mutinous act from a man who was hitherto regarded as a hero, with a Military Cross to his credit. Indeed, it was one of the many mysteries of the Great War.

In a historical novel, and drawing of fresh material, John Hollands sets out to solve the mystery of why one of Sassoon's men should want to shoot him, and why he only succeeded in wounding him. A 'Whodunnit' with an original twist.

For full details, look up John's website.

David Japes (former master)

William Payne by David JapesFormer Master David Japes has written a book about the career of William Payne, 1760-1840, a water colourist who sought to improve the fortifications of Plymouth. This work and experience gave Payne a detailed knowledge of the area and his talents as a water colourist led to commissions from local landowners and acceptance of his work by the Royal academy after 1786. In 1790 Payne returned to London and set up as a Drawing Master and the rest as they say is history. Payne became one of the great Romantic artists of the Picturesque. He gave his name to a colour: 'Payne's Grey', fell out of fashion for a time and has been re-appreciated, largely thanks to Japes' pioneering scholarship. Please click here to read the book review by former master Charles Noon.

Johnson, Hamish FH 1958-62

Matthew Forster Heddle: Mineralogist and Mountaineer"Matthew Forster Heddle: Mineralogist and Mountaineer" is the first ever biography of Professor Matthew Forster Heddle, (1828-1897) who was Scotland’s greatest mineralogist. It was published on 7th May 2015 by the publishing arm of National Museums Scotland, which holds Heddle’s great collection. Hamish is not making any personal gain from sales of the book as he has offered all his royalties back to the publisher, National Museums Scotland, who hold Heddle's great mineral collection.

Charlie Leigh W 1999-2004

Educating and Englistanee InshallahCharlie Leigh has written a Middle Eastern travel book, Educating an Englistanee... Inshallah (with illustrations from current Blundellian Lauren Kalsi), following his adventures in Turkey, Iran, Yemen, Egypt and Lebanon. All profits will go towards Canon Andrew White's interfaith charity 'The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East' (FRRME).

Brian Lett, QC (parent)

The Small Scale Raiding Force by Brian Lett, QCI am delighted to announce that my new book: "The Small Scale Raiding Force" has now been published. It completes the saga of the real life "James Bonds" who served under the Secret Service chief who actually used the code name "M", Sir Colin Gubbins. The first part of the story is told in my earlier book: "Ian Fleming and SOE's Operation Postmaster". The new book is available at:, and also on Amazon.

It includes the story of the only "James Bond" to win the Victoria Cross.

Mr Robin Lloyd-Jones OH 1947-53

The Sunlit Summit“‘The Sunlit Summit’ a biography of the Scottish mountaineer, writer and conservationist, W.H. Murray was written by OB Robin Lloyd-Jones. William Hutchison Murray (1913 - 1996) was one of Scotland’s most distinguished climbers in the years before and after the Second World War. As a prisoner of war in Europe he wrote his first classic book, Mountaineering in Scotland, which was confiscated and destroyed by the Gestapo. In 1951 he was depute leader to Eric Shipton on the Everest reconnaissance expedition. In later years he wrote some of the best guides to the Highlands and islands ever published as well as becoming a highly regarded conservationist.

Katharine Lord GH 1987-89

'The Beauty Chorus' by Katharine LordOB Katharine Lord has worked as an art consultant, curating collections for palaces and embassies in Europe and the Middle East. She was a finalist in ITV's The People's Author competition in 2009, and her enormously popular blog, which describes the trials and tribulations of juggling babies and books, was voted one of the UK's top hundred blogs.

Her debut novel is being published by Atlantic in April. "The Beauty Chorus" is about the women who flew Spitfires during WW2. See further information on Amazon.

Madocks, Rod NC 1966-71

BabbicamRod has published a new novel called 'Babbicam'. It is a historical mystery novel that explores the classic enigma of the case of John 'Babbacombe' Lee, a Devon man who was the only person in modern times to survive capital punishment and who became "The Man They Could Not Hang". Interestingly, one of the real life characters in the story actually was an Old Blundellian. His name was Reginald Gwynne Templer, a Teignmouth solicitor who played a murky part in the strange story of John Lee.

The Devon launch is at Bygones Victorian Museum, Fore Street, St Marychurch, Torquay, TQ1 4PR. 7.30pm, Thursday 11th June 2015. Free admission. All welcome (especially OBs).

Rod has also published a memoir of a WW2 poet this year (2015), called 'The Rising Flame: Remembering Sidney Keyes'.

Nadolski, Andrew

"Boarding School - Blundell's 1986"

In 1986 Andrew Nadolski, then a young art student, arrived at Blundell's to produce a photo documentary of life in a typical boarding school. The Common Room in 1986He spent two months photographing many aspects of School life; pupils, teachers and the army of support staff who keep Blundell's running smoothly. Now, 30 years later, a book of the photographs is being published. Featuring more than 100 images, Boarding School - Blundell's 1986 is an affectionate look back, capturing the essence of a school at the end of an era before the years of modernisation and full co-education. The images of a smoke-filled, male dominated common room, study rooms complete with Samantha Fox posters and rows of baths in the boarding houses are a marked contrast to that of life at the school today.

The book also features an essay by recently retired Ali Deighton-Gibson who was one of the younger teachers then at the school. Copies are available for purchase from the school shop and by mail order from (Published by Headon House; ISBN 978-0-9549244-2-3.)

For news of the book launch event held at Blundell's on Friday 4th November, please see the News page.

Alec Rainey FH 1952-57

'A Way Of Life' by Alec Rainey OB Alec Rainey has written an account of his life as a jackeroo and stockman in Australia's Northern Territory in the Sixties and Seventies.

Entitled "A Way Of Life", the book has now been published (ISBN no. 9781849630030) and is available at a price of £9.99 from most book stores.

Van der Kiste, John W 1967-72

The Little Book of Devon by John Van der KisteJohn Van der KisteAlthough he has spent most of his working life in public and college libraries, John Van der Kiste is also the author of over fifty books, including historical and royal biography with particular emphasis on the nineteenth century, local history, true crime, popular music, plays and fiction. His most successful titles include ’Queen Victoria’s Children’, ‘Edward VII’s Children’, ‘The Romanovs 1818-1959’, ‘Kaiser Wilhelm II’, and ‘The Plymouth Book of Days’. Further information is available on Amazon. He has also contributed articles to and reviewed books and records for national and local publications, and is a contributor to 'Oxford Dictionary of National Biography'.

Andrew Whitefield NC 1957-62

'Mr Hilhouse of Bristol' by Andrew WhitefieldOB Andrew Whitefield, having retired as managing partner at Ashford’s in Bristol, has turned his hand to writing and his book entitled "Mr Hilhouse of Bristol" was launched at the Brunel Institute next to SS Great Britain on 12th December 2010. The book traces the life of James Martin Hilhouse, Bristol’s great shipbuilder and artist.

Andrew was Chairman of the OB Club during the quatercentenary celebrations in 2004 and has a longstanding record of service to Blundell’s.