OB Club OB University Applications

Welcome to the Blundell's ‘Instructions and Guidance’ for OB applications.

  • The aim of the system is to streamline the application process, whether for UCAS or other options, for all students who have left Blundell’s School
  • Your initial enquiry should be sent to both Mrs Philippa Bucknell, Head of Careers Education and Guidance and Miss Rebecca Isdell-Carpenter, Academic Head of Sixth Form for processing
  • You will then be emailed an information sheet

Instructions & Guidance

Blundell's School is happy to support any Post-A Level application for University or GAP year programmes/employment but to enable us to manage this efficiently the following guidelines apply: -

  • The initial enquiry must be made by email to pcb@blundells.org and rsic@blundells.org
  • On submission of the email applicants will be contacted by Mrs Bucknell
  • Applicants must check and adhere to the dates and deadlines given in the table below
Dates and Deadlines
July 2019 OB application system opens
4th September 2019 UCAS application system opens
23rd September 2019 Blundell's deadline for OB early applicants to submit completed UCAS form (Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine/Science and Dentistry)
15th October 2019 UCAS deadline for receipt of all early applications
11th November 2019 Blundell's deadline for all other OB applicants to submit completed UCAS form
15th January 2020 UCAS deadline for receipt of all applications except those with a 15 October deadline
30th June 2020 Applications received by UCAS after this date are entered in Clearing