First Full Colours in Shooting Awarded to Teddy!


A relatively recent addition to the school calendar, Shooting is already one of our most successful sports. Teddy has been instrumental in enabling Blundell’s to far outperform where we would be today without someone possessing his precision and skill.

Captaining the team for the last 2 years, Teddy has shown initiative and drive, reaching competitions that Blundell's can compete in and, just as importantly, organising and facilitating people brining shotguns to competitions to get around complicated licensing laws. Clay pigeon shooting requires calmness, precision and extreme mental fortitude to hold your concentration and take each shot as it comes. Teddy is remarkably capable of compartmentalising each shot, forgetting any mistakes, going through his routines and gun mount, and then shooting again without dwelling on the past.

Teddy has been at the forefront of the success of the Blundell’s team that has produced some remarkable performances in the last 2 years, finishing runners up to Millfield at several national school’s competitions. Teddy has been High Gun on many occasions, including a memorable shoot at the School’s Challenge where he only dropped 1 shot out of 50.

Outside of school, Teddy is an incredibly dedicated clay shot and regularly competes in registered competitions throughout the South West. Last year, Teddy won the Junior Devon Champion trophy and was selected for the Devon Men’s teams for both English Sporting and Sportrap, securing the top score in the team for the latter at the inter counties championships.

It is for these reasons and many more, that Teddy is more than deserving of being the first to receive Full Colours for Shooting.