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Welcome to the Blundell's School website. We trust that you will find it informative and interesting. Blundell's is a co-educational independent school for pupils from ages 11 to 18. The school has 570 pupils, of whom 205 are Full/Weekly boarders and 175 are Flexi boarders. We believe that a personal visit is invaluable, so we hope our website will encourage you to contact our Registrars in order to gain a prospectus and to arrange for a personalised tour: there really is only one way to fully appreciate the lovely grounds and excellent facilities and also to understand the very happy and fulfilling all-round education being enjoyed by so many Blundellians today.

Blundell’s is a co-educational independent school for full, weekly and flexi boarding and day pupils from ages 11 to 18. The school combines strong academic achievement and excellent facilities with the best pastoral care: the welfare and happiness of our pupils is a top priority. The deep and enduring friendships formed at Blundell’s, fostered by the school’s fantastic community spirit, together with the intellectual, physical and cultural interests they develop here, provide our pupils with skills for life.

This website can only give you a taste of Blundell’s. A personal visit is invaluable so please contact our Registrars to arrange a visit, when you can meet our pupils and staff and find out more about the happy and fulfilling all-round education which Blundellians enjoy.

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ISI Reports

All independent schools have a full qualitative inspection every six years carried out by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and a compliance inspection every three years. Blundell’s was inspected for compliance by an ISI team in March 2016 who were completely satisfied that the School met all the standards set by the Department for Education. A full inspection took place in 2013 and the report concluded that the School is ‘highly successful in achieving its aims’ with pupils experiencing ‘a wide-ranging education, based on an excellent curriculum’ and that the pupils' personal development and attitudes towards learning are excellent.

Please read both reports together with comments from the Chairman of the Governors and the Head.

Good Schools Guide

The Good Schools Guide view of Blundell’s: ‘Ancient and distinguished Devon institution preserving traditional values and feel, yet turning out considerate and balanced young people all set for careers across the globe.’ Please read the report in full.