As You Like It

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This summer term, a group of Year 9 and Year 10 pupils put on a production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

This production has been directed by Mrs Milne and otherwise, entirely run by students and they have all put such hard work into it, which showed in the fantastic final result. The play had a modern spin, with half of the play taking place in front of Ondaatje, as viewers watched with a French themed picnic, this is the first time we have held a play in this location, and it worked extremely well. The rest of the play took place in the drama hall, with this being the location for the Forest of Arden, creating an intimate setting, that played host to a breath-taking tree.

Fantastic performances were given on stage by lead and supporting cast alike, with countless hours of hard work going into rehearsals. The behind the scenes was run entirely by students as well, with the technical crew putting in an extraordinary amount of hard work and creativity into the production.

Feedback has been overwhelming, and we’re so pleased the cast and crew are receiving the praise and congratulations they deserve.