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The Chemistry Olympiad competition is the leading Chemistry competition for secondary pupils in the UK. Over 8500 of the best chemistry pupils in Years 12 and 13 took part in the competition this year, and Blundell’s pupils have performed exceptionally well once more. The top 30% of pupils were awarded a silver, and the top 9% a gold. Blundell’s achieved 7 silver awards and 2 golds. Gold Awards went to James and Rainer (both Year 12).

James not only achieved a gold award, but his score was high enough to place him in the top 34 pupils in Year 12 or 13 in the UK, and thus qualify for Round 2. This involves lessons and demonstrations on new topics from respected Cambridge academics, teachers and technicians, followed by a 4 hour theoretical test. Four of the these pupils will then be selected to represent the united Kingdom at the International Chemistry Olympiad 2022 in Tianjin, China. This is a formidable achievement for James, particularly since he is in Year 12, and we wish him all the best of luck. This is the third year in a row that Blundell’s has had a representative in Round 2!


There have been 4 Physics Competitions this term, two online and two written papers.

BPhO Physics Challenge

The paper is designed to challenge the best young physicists in the country. The paper was sat in November by two Year 13 and three Year 12 pupils; tackling this challenge in Year 12 is particularly impressive. James (Year 12) achieved a silver award, this puts him in the top 30% of entries.

BPhO Physics Senior Challenge

The Senior Challenge saw our largest number of entries in years with 13 pupils attempting it. Out of 4000 entries from approximately 500 schools we have achieved fantastic results. 4 Golds, 1 Silver and 4 bronzes. Gold awards went to James, Oliver, Louis and Joshua. Special mention to James and Oliver whose fantastic scores place them both in the top 10 pupils in the UK in Year 12.

Senior Online Challenge

In total there were 4690 entries from approximately 272 schools. All of our participants this year achieved an award – 3 Golds, 7 Silvers and 4 Bronzes. Gold Award winners were James, Josh and Oliver.

IOC Intermediate Online Challenge (aimed at Yr 11 pupils).

Six Year 11 pupils took the part in the Intermediate Online Challenge. 156 schools participated, with 4,494 participating pupils. Rafael and Freya obtained Gold (top 19% of entries).


Congratulations to Lottie, Kaira, David & Izzy on their success in the Biology Olympiad this term. Over 10,000 students from more than 700 schools worldwide took part in this year's competition. We gained a Gold, 3 Silver and 6 Bronze! Well done to all the pupils who took part.


Senior Maths Challenge

57 of our very best maths pupils from Years 9-13 sat the senior maths challenge on Thursday 18thNovember. This is a high level of maths, generally aimed at challenging A-Level maths pupils. This year we were very successful with 7 gold, 6 silver and 16 bronze awards. Gold awards went to James, Shirley, Jane, Harry, Rainer, Edward and Louis.

The top performing pupils were Edward and James, who not only secured gold awards, but also qualified for the British Maths Olympiad Round 1, for the top 1000 pupils in the country.

British Maths Olympiad Round 1,

As a follow-on round to the Senior Maths Challenge, James and Edward both achieved Distinctions, putting them in the top 250 pupils in the country – a fantastic result. This is the first time we have ever had 2 pupils achieve at this level.

Further to this, Edward’s score was high enough to qualify him for for the British Maths Olympiad Round 2, putting him in the top 100 of all maths pupils in the country (any age up to Year 13) – an achievement that we have only seen three times in recent memory at Blundell’s, particularly remarkable given he is only in Year 9!

Intermediate Maths Challenge

66 pupils from Years 8-11 sat the Intermediate Maths Challenge in February. Over 50% of pupils achieved an award, with 5 Golds, 13 Silvers and 18 Bronzes. The five Gold awards were awarded to: Edward (best in school and 100%), Freya (best in year), Henry (Year 9), Hector (Year 11) and Angel (Year 11). Other notable performances came from: Harry (Year 10) – best in year and a silver award and Terry (Year 8) – best in year and a bronze award.

In total, 10 pupils qualified for the follow-on Olympiad and Kangaroo rounds; another record!