Two pupils awarded the Blundell’s White Blazer

During the Spring term we have had the rare occasion to celebrate the awarding of White Blazers. It has been so long since we made an award (2015) that they have become the stuff of legend, although no current pupil will have a personal recollection of actually seeing the blazer. Over the past two years, COVID-19 has meant that candidates who may under normal circumstances have been eligible for the accolade, ended up missing out, but that does not negate how special the award is.

Traditionally the White Blazer was awarded to a pupil who achieved Full Colours in the three main team sports, and it had the caveat that the person needed to be the school’s athletics captain too. We have modernised the award to include non-sporting achievements and our two most recent recipients are both exceptional all-rounders. Hebe has Colours for Music, Netball and Hockey, while Lottie has Colours for Netball, Drama and Music. Both are serious academics with three offers apiece to read medicine.

It is a huge honour for them to receive this in recognition of their hard work here at Blundell's.