Academic Full Colours

The academic year is off to a flying start with the first Full Academic Colours being awarded to Freya.

Freya has a proactive approach to learning and has an enthusiasm for exploring cutting-edge technologies. This was was highlighted recently in her contribution to the team’s use of machine learning in the recent AstroPi challenge. Her achievements in other super curricular opportunities are equally impressive and Freya constantly puts herself forward to take part in all challenges that come her way. In Maths, she achieved Gold in the Senior Maths Challenge and qualified for the British Maths Olympiad, in which she gain a Merit. She also showed brilliant team working skills in the Durer Competition, an international team Maths Olympiad. Freya also achieved a Gold award in the Senior Physics Challenge in Year 12. Her outstanding performance in the Bebras computational thinking and programming competition gained her entry into the Oxford University Computing Challenge. Alongside her undoubted talents in Maths and the Sciences, she has also completed French DELF qualifications, showing the extraordinary breadth of her talents.

Freya demonstrates dedication, ability, and passion for her academic studies are truly exceptional, and she consistently strives to excel in all she sets her mind to. Freya's contributions to our academic community have been invaluable, and she is entirely deserving of her Full Colours for academic study.