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Enrichment / GAT

Our creative and experienced staff are skilled at extending all pupils within the classroom. Our small classes ensure staff have time to spend with each individual pupil, understanding and responding to their particular needs.

We know that our pupils have different strengths and we take great care in finding ways to build on these strengths. We want every child with a passion for a subject to develop their interest with enthusiasm and an individualised love of learning, driven from within.

We are committed to providing an environment which challenges and encourages all pupils to maximise their potential, including pupils who we identify as being more able. A more able pupil is one whose ability in any subject is significantly and consistently above the expectation for their age. More able pupils are provided with extension and enrichment opportunities within lessons, school activities and through participation in competitions and events with which our school is involved. These opportunities are not necessarily exclusively offered to those pupils on our Gifted & Talented list (GAT) as we recognise the part that interest and enthusiasm can play in achievement; a child who is intrinsically interested in History or who has a passion for Science may well enjoy these challenging activities too.

We also have an Enrichment Programme which runs throughout the school and is open to all who are intellectually curious. These sessions take place on Monday afternoons between 4.45 and 5.30, with topics such as art, language, science, philosophy and much, much more. The sessions include plenty of opportunities for questions to be asked and discussions to be had. We are ambitious for all our children. We encourage everyone to aim high and be the very best they can be.

Latest News

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Pupil Profile

Blundell’s pupil awarded scholarship to top American University.

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Why is music important?

Music ignites all areas of child development and skills, including intellectual, social, emotional and motor language. It enhances good concentration and develops listening skills so that the child can achieve academically in all areas of the curriculum.

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When Nature Meets Nurture: Outdoor Learning at Blundell’s Prep

The children cannot wait to put on their Wellington boots to get outside to ‘play’ each week, but what are the benefits of this ‘Forest School fad’?! Is there really any value in climbing trees, lighting fires and creating mud pies?! Where is the learning?!

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Food Technology – the most cross-curricular of all the subjects!

Ask any child at Blundell’s Prep what their favourite lesson is and invariably Food Technology is at the top of the rankings.

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Blundell’s Adventure, Leadership and Service Award (BALSA)

BALSA – is a programme that has been developed here over the years, and is one that continues to evolve, which really challenges our older children to them learn about themselves and discover the beauty in helping others.

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Why is Engineering an important part of the curriculum?

Engineering and understanding new technologies are key parts of modern life and so it follows that they should feature within the curriculum.

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One Day Event

Congratulations to all the equestrian riders that took part in the Blundell’s One Day Event (ODE) this year. The ODE is aimed at South West Schools teams and individuals.

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Tatler Schools Guide

‘Blundell’s is the archetypal all-rounder, and it certainly isn’t lacking in spirit.’ ‘Pupils feel supported and stimulated’

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