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Learning Success

Blundell’s is committed to securing the best educational outcome for every child, regardless of any barriers to learning.

As a community, we work together to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is continually reviewed to make learning accessible to all of our pupils. Our aim is to support pupils with SEN to raise their aspirations and their achievement.

Where it has been identified that extra support is necessary for the child to access the mainstream curriculum, there will be an assessment of the child’s needs. Parents may elect to have their child assessed by an educational psychologist if further investigation into difficulties and needs is required. Results of all assessments will be shared with the parents and relevant teaching staff to discuss the ways forward. After discussion with all parties, additional school support, either on a short- or long-term basis, may be recommended and targets in the form of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for the child will be created. Pupils are involved in reviewing their IEP and planning their targets for the coming term. We build strong relationships with the pupils and encourage them to voice their opinion about their progress as often as possible.

Where appropriate, additional support will be provided as a package. This support may be one to one out of class, in a small group, or within the classroom setting. The level of support will be regularly reviewed and modified to suit the needs of the child. The school will also work with relevant external agencies to support individual needs.

Latest News

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Ten Tors

Blundell’s School had five Ten Tors Teams who completed the gruelling Ten Tors challenge.

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Summer Cricket at Blundell's

Under 15s National Cup: Blundell's v Marlborough College

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Devizes to Westminster 2022

This Easter, three crews from the Blundell’s Kayak Racing Squad were able to take part in the world famous Devizes to Westminster canoe race.

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Two pupils awarded the Blundell’s White Blazer

White blazers are awarded to pupils who achieve Full Colours in three areas of the school.

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Sensory story time at Tiverton Library

Our Head of Pre-Prep Mrs Clifford shares a sensory story time for the community.

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The Exeter Chiefs England Rugby Academy

Congratulations to Dan, Ben and Will who have been selected for the Exeter Chiefs DPP U18 Academy Programme. It's great to see our strong connections with Exeter Chiefs continue.

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Exeter Cathedral Carol Service

The carol service in Exeter Cathedral is always one of the highlights of the school calendar and this year certainly did not disappoint.

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Why is music important?

Music ignites all areas of child development and skills, including intellectual, social, emotional and motor language. It enhances good concentration and develops listening skills so that the child can achieve academically in all areas of the curriculum.

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When Nature Meets Nurture: Outdoor Learning at Blundell’s Prep

The children cannot wait to put on their Wellington boots to get outside to ‘play’ each week, but what are the benefits of this ‘Forest School fad’?! Is there really any value in climbing trees, lighting fires and creating mud pies?! Where is the learning?!

Prep School News