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At Blundell’s Prep Drama is so much more than performing in a play. It allows children the chance to explore, develop and exercise their imagination. Drama gives children the opportunity to build self-confidence and to learn self-discipline.

The curriculum encourages each child to explore and develop their own imagination through a carefully planned skills programme which allows for improvisation and innovation from every child. The learning experience is fun and exciting as the children are expected to explore imaginary destinations as well as relive real experiences through familiar stories, mime and adventures.

A plethora of opportunities are available to perform in a multitude of ways; acting, singing, speaking and listening, and through Play-in-a-Day events and Christmas plays.

Aims of the Drama Department

  • To use the imagination through improvisation and acknowledges other people’s imagination through poetry, prose, scripted drama, art etc.
  • To encourage speaking and listening as a two-way co-operative process and life skill.
  • To learn self-discipline and an understanding of others are implicit in its activity.
  • To provide a chance to stimulate and exercise the imagination.
  • To help to make sense of life-experiences as a valuable preparation for the future.
Recent Productions
Guys and Dolls2020
The Jungle Book2019
Mary Poppins2018
Doctor Dolittle2017
The Wizard of Ox2016
Around the world in 80 days2015
Peter Pan2014

Latest News

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Pupil Profile

Blundell’s pupil awarded scholarship to top American University.

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Why is music important?

Music ignites all areas of child development and skills, including intellectual, social, emotional and motor language. It enhances good concentration and develops listening skills so that the child can achieve academically in all areas of the curriculum.

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When Nature Meets Nurture: Outdoor Learning at Blundell’s Prep

The children cannot wait to put on their Wellington boots to get outside to ‘play’ each week, but what are the benefits of this ‘Forest School fad’?! Is there really any value in climbing trees, lighting fires and creating mud pies?! Where is the learning?!

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Food Technology – the most cross-curricular of all the subjects!

Ask any child at Blundell’s Prep what their favourite lesson is and invariably Food Technology is at the top of the rankings.

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Blundell’s Adventure, Leadership and Service Award (BALSA)

BALSA – is a programme that has been developed here over the years, and is one that continues to evolve, which really challenges our older children to them learn about themselves and discover the beauty in helping others.

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Why is Engineering an important part of the curriculum?

Engineering and understanding new technologies are key parts of modern life and so it follows that they should feature within the curriculum.

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One Day Event

Congratulations to all the equestrian riders that took part in the Blundell’s One Day Event (ODE) this year. The ODE is aimed at South West Schools teams and individuals.

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Tatler Schools Guide

‘Blundell’s is the archetypal all-rounder, and it certainly isn’t lacking in spirit.’ ‘Pupils feel supported and stimulated’

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