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We believe that Mathematics is the language of life, offering fascinating insights into our world and how it works.

We endeavour to contribute to the children’s personal development and education through demonstrating how Maths is relevant to every aspect of their lives both now and in the future. We instil in the children a profound level of confidence to attempt the enormously diverse variety of topics that Maths contains and to extend their own understanding through complex questioning and interactive investigation. We are determined that the children will always be prepared to give something new their best effort with maximum levels of effort, enthusiasm and confidence.

From Nursery to Year 6 (age 11), we lay the foundations of, and build on a thorough understanding of number, measurement, shape and data. In the Pre-Prep department our programme of study is based on the Abacus scheme of work with children taught in classes within their own year group. In year 2 (age 7) all of the children will be extended using the MyMaths program which enables our children to participate in mathematical challenges, while also completing online preps and studying interesting lesson demonstrations at school and at home. Our able and talented children are extended also using a huge range of investigative material and everyday problem setting from such publications as Galore Park’s Junior Maths.

The children move across to the Prep School at the start of Year 3 and, for the first year are taught in their classrooms while being placed into set in Maths. From Year 4 the children are taught by Maths specialist teachers and follow the National curriculum, with enhancements and extension from the ISEB and Independent Curriculums. This enables the children to be extended easily using material from the year above. This curriculum covers everything that will be taught in the vast majority of Independent schools so it provides the children with the perfect preparation for their future schools, wherever that may be.

In Years 5 and 6 the children are placed into three sets of a maximum of fifteen children. They participate in national Maths competitions such as The Mathematical Association’s Primary Maths Challenge and the UKMT’s Junior Maths Challenge. Great successes are achieved in these and the children gain an enormous amount of enjoyment from them. The wide range of investigative styles of Maths teaching is one of the keys to these successes as well as the thorough preparation and individual help they are able to receive from their teachers leading up to these challenges.

At Blundell’s Prep we are proud of our excellent record of exam attainment but high achievement in

Maths is about far more than exams. We are determined to instil in our pupils a high level of confidence in, and enjoyment of Maths in all aspects of everyday life. Our role is to empower the children with the same level of enthusiasm for this endlessly fascinating subject that we feel in the Maths Department; so that they will continue to explore and discover the far-reaching effects that Maths has on all of us.

Aims of the Maths department

  • To develop a good understanding of numbers and the number system.
  • To develop the ability to undertake calculations with confidence, accuracy and improving speed.
  • To develop a good ability to solve problems.
  • To develop a good knowledge and understanding of measures, shape and space.
  • To develop a good ability to handle data with confidence, accuracy and improving speed.

Our aims in Maths broadly reflect those set out in the Primary Framework for Mathematics. Ginn’s Abacus numeracy textbooks are used to provide a progressive framework for teaching from Years 3 to 6, although many others resources including interactive electronic resources will be used to supplement learning as deemed appropriate by the class teachers.

Latest News

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Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Success

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

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A-Level and GCSE Academic Success!

Blundell's is highly successful in fulfilling its aim to promote the best habits of learning in the pursuit of excellence. This is reflected in our exceptional results in GCSE and A-levels.

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As You Like It

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Ten Tors

Blundell’s School had five Ten Tors Teams who completed the gruelling Ten Tors challenge.

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Summer Cricket at Blundell's

Under 15s National Cup: Blundell's v Marlborough College

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Devizes to Westminster 2022

This Easter, three crews from the Blundell’s Kayak Racing Squad were able to take part in the world famous Devizes to Westminster canoe race.

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Two pupils awarded the Blundell’s White Blazer

White blazers are awarded to pupils who achieve Full Colours in three areas of the school.

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Sensory story time at Tiverton Library

Our Head of Pre-Prep Mrs Clifford shares a sensory story time for the community.

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The Exeter Chiefs England Rugby Academy

Congratulations to Dan, Ben and Will who have been selected for the Exeter Chiefs DPP U18 Academy Programme. It's great to see our strong connections with Exeter Chiefs continue.

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