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School Vision & Aims

The School’s Development Plan exists to support the broad, balanced and excellent education that we as a School undertake to provide.

The School’s motto: Non-Sibi – not for oneself, exemplifies the genuine feeling of togetherness and strong family values which permeate every area of School life. The children at Blundell’s Preparatory School will enjoy extensive opportunities. It is our belief that children deserve to develop and grow in a happy, friendly and supportive environment and that they learn best when they feel safe, engaged, captivated and fully involved in the learning process. Our aims form the basis of the Development Plan and are shared with all stakeholders through the Staff and Parent Handbooks.

Our Ambition
To be the first-choice co-educational day school in the South West of England.

Our Vision

To be the school that is more thoughtful and innovative in understanding its pupils and growing their potential than any other school in Britain.

Our Aims and Values – ‘Roots and Wings’
There are two things parents should give their children: Roots and Wings. Roots to give them their bearing and a sense of belonging. Wings to free them from constraints and prejudices and by which to aspire to live lives of meaning and consequence.

These aims are realised through the pursuit of 5 key pillars:

Dynamic Learners – ‘Anything is possible’
We help pupils to take ownership of their learning, balancing expert teacher support and collaboration with others, with resourcefulness and resilience. In this we develop both interdependence and independence in our pupils, characteristics that will enable them to thrive in the classroom, on the stage, on the sports pitches and in their lives beyond school.

Self-Knowledge – ‘Understanding who I am’
I believe that my character is derived from being true to myself and my values. Our ethos is based on an acceptance of ourselves and others, and the celebration of diversity and difference within our community. We are authentic, with the emotional intelligence and confidence to embrace the world beyond Blundell’s.

Social Responsibility – ‘Embracing responsibilities’
We find purpose and meaning in engaging with the world around us, in line with our Christian values, collaborating with our community, near and far, in a profoundly positive way. With passion and optimism, we can change the world for the better.

Discovery – ‘The joy of adventure’
We are brave and courageous in embracing challenge and adventure. Our collective and individual curiosity fuels innovation and an openness to new ideas. From Nursery to Sixth Form, in lessons and at play, we take measured/appropriate risks in pursuit of what is possible.

Strong Foundations – ‘Established and enterprising’
Underpinning our ambition is a commitment to strong governance and a secure financial future for our school. The development of our facilities and our people ensure excellence in all that we do, and enables us to achieve our vision. A global outlook, rooted in the South-west of England.

Latest News

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Pupil Profile

Blundell’s pupil awarded scholarship to top American University.

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Why is music important?

Music ignites all areas of child development and skills, including intellectual, social, emotional and motor language. It enhances good concentration and develops listening skills so that the child can achieve academically in all areas of the curriculum.

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When Nature Meets Nurture: Outdoor Learning at Blundell’s Prep

The children cannot wait to put on their Wellington boots to get outside to ‘play’ each week, but what are the benefits of this ‘Forest School fad’?! Is there really any value in climbing trees, lighting fires and creating mud pies?! Where is the learning?!

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Food Technology – the most cross-curricular of all the subjects!

Ask any child at Blundell’s Prep what their favourite lesson is and invariably Food Technology is at the top of the rankings.

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Blundell’s Adventure, Leadership and Service Award (BALSA)

BALSA – is a programme that has been developed here over the years, and is one that continues to evolve, which really challenges our older children to them learn about themselves and discover the beauty in helping others.

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Why is Engineering an important part of the curriculum?

Engineering and understanding new technologies are key parts of modern life and so it follows that they should feature within the curriculum.

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One Day Event

Congratulations to all the equestrian riders that took part in the Blundell’s One Day Event (ODE) this year. The ODE is aimed at South West Schools teams and individuals.

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Tatler Schools Guide

‘Blundell’s is the archetypal all-rounder, and it certainly isn’t lacking in spirit.’ ‘Pupils feel supported and stimulated’

Prep School News