Why is Engineering an important part of the curriculum?

Preparing children for the future, teaching them to listen to and communicate with others, and giving them an understanding of why failure is an important step to success are just some of the reasons why engineering plays such an important role in the education of our children.

Our children have opportunities to explore solutions to real-life problems. Following a circular process, the children are able to research a challenge, design, test, evaluate, and make changes with a view to solving the problem with a new piece of technology. Does it matter if it doesn’t work? No, because that is part of our problem-solving process and the children are learning that this is fine. We just try again!

Not only does this build knowledge and skill, it also develops qualities that are integral to success, including resilience, confidence, understanding, and cooperation - the list is extensive.

Engineering brings together every part of school life, through design, budgeting, presenting and evaluating, and allows children to apply their learning to a real life situation where all are able to excel. Children are the future so let’s equip them with the skills and confidence to discover, create and invent.