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Exploding stars, fission reactors, superconductors and particle accelerators.

With a hands-on experimental focus, we take pupils on an adventure of discovery to understand the universe at its most fundamental levels, help them to develop highly valuable problem-solving skills at every stage of learning, and instil in them a healthy respect for the scientific method.

Always aiming to build an in-depth understanding from basic principles, our excellent teachers also regularly link the fascinating theories to their real-world applications. Our teachers cater for all abilities using many varied methods to allow pupils to access content in different ways and provide the support they need to progress skills.

Our pupils excel, we consistently show that we add value to pupils’ attainment in public exams. Alongside this pupils’ achievements in external competitions, for example the Physics Olympiad and Ogden Physics Challenge, have been outstanding.

Why do universities and employers love Physics pupils? The higher level skills developed translate to many applications:

I. Problem solving skills
II. Applying Maths to real life situations
III. Communicating logic behind conclusions
IV. Data analysis skills

Classroom-based learning is complemented with many enrichment events and trips throughout the year. With opportunities ranging from lunch-time interactive webinar lectures with UK universities, a trip to the Medical Physics Department at the local hospital, to the annual trip to Geneva visiting the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Latest News

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Pupil Profile: Meg

Blundell’s pupil awarded scholarship to top American University.

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Autumn Term Garden Open Day

The autumn sunshine helped ensure the Open Day was another successful event in the Blundell’s Garden. Year 1 started the activities with snail races and using Playdough to make models of insects and items they found in the garden.

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Pupil Profile: Harry

Since joining Blundell’s in Year 9, Harry’s academic achievements have gone from strength to strength. He quickly made himself known as a talented mathematician with a gift for the sciences and an aptitude for hard work.

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Blundell's on film

There has been considerable excitement around school this term as we had a film crew in to shoot footage for our new school promotional video.

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One Day Event

Congratulations to all the equestrian riders that took part in the Blundell’s One Day Event (ODE) this year. The ODE is aimed at South West Schools teams and individuals.

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GCSE & A-Level Results 2021

After a year of disruptions and interruptions we are delighted to celebrate the resilience, adaptability, and diligence of our pupils as they received their A-Level and GCSE result.

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Tatler Schools Guide

‘Blundell’s is the archetypal all-rounder, and it certainly isn’t lacking in spirit.’ ‘Pupils feel supported and stimulated’

Senior School News