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2024/25 Academic Year

International Boarder£15,925£47,775£10,790£32,370
Full Boarder£15,250£45,750£10,790£32,370
Weekly Boarder£13,160£39,480£9,255£27,765
Local Weekly Boarder£12,335£37,005
Flexi-boarder (22 nights)*£11,330£33,990£7,875£23,625
Flexi-boarder (11 nights)*£10,800£32,400£7,350£22,050
Local Flexi-boarder (22 nights)*£10,320£30,960
Local Flexi-boarder (11 nights)*£9,750£29,250
Local Day**£8,420£25,260

International Boarding Fee includes UKVI administration costs (CAS fee etc), Transport to and from Heathrow each half-term and to IELTs testing centres, and Boarders’ Sunday trips and activities

* Extra Flexi-boarding nights £60.00 each

** Ad hoc nights, dependent on bed availability, £75.00 each

Utility Surcharge

A Utility Surcharge will be added to all fees, at a rate of 1% per annum.

Insurance Charges

These are charged in advance, on an opt-in basis.

School Fees Protection Insurance 0.75% of fee payable
Personal Effects Insurance£8.31 per term
AXA PPP HealthcareDetails to Follow Separately


All Scholarships, concessions and awards are normally made as a percentage of the basic junior or senior tuition fee and deducted from the fee.
Awards may be withdrawn for the term if payment is not received on or before the first day of term.

Full Boarder

A pupil who normally stays 7 days a week with his/her own allocated bed and study area. Laundry, all meals and some weekend activities are included in the fee.

Weekly Boarder

A pupil who stays from Monday to Friday inclusive (Mon’ to Thu’ in School House), with the provision of his/her own allocated bed and study area. Laundry and all meals during the week are included in the fee. Weekend stays are possible at the normal Flexi-boarder nightly cost, billed at the end of term.


A Flexi-boarder can choose an 11 night or a 22 night per term package taken on any Monday to Friday night during the term. This will give them their own designated bed and the ability to stay for supper and prep on any weekday evening. Extra nights can be taken at £60.00 per night billed at the end of term. Laundry is not included in this fee.


A day pupil goes home at the end of the programmed day. Breakfast and/or supper and evening prep can be taken at an additional daily charge.


Are applicable to Senior Fees only. The pupil must reside within a ten-mile radius of the

Sibling Discounts

A sibling discount of 7% of the basic tuition fee for both Junior and Senior Fees will apply to
the elder sibling of two, in full time education at Blundell’s School and Blundell’s Preparatory
A sibling discount of 10% and 7% respectively will apply for the elder two siblings, should
there be three siblings.
Please note that if a pupil is awarded any other concession, then this takes priority and any
potential sibling discount ceases or does not apply.
For the avoidance of doubt, sibling discount does not apply to pupils on the local fee tariff.

Pre-Entry Fees
The Registration Fee is £100. It is payable when a pupil is registered at the School and is non-refundable.
Confirmation Fees and Deposits are:

UK Pupils£500
EU Pupils£1500
Non-EU International Pupils£6000


Interest is charged at 2% per month, calculated on a daily basis. It will be charged on the balance of accounts not paid by the first day of term.

Notice Periods

Notice periods are in accordance with the Parent Contract and are applicable to School Fees and all charges for Extras. A term of fees and charges in lieu of notice will be charged if notice is not duly given.

Latest News

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Full Scholarship to Indiana State University for Gemma

Gemma has secured a full scholarship to Indiana State University

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D-Day 80th Anniversary

Blundell's commemorates the 80th Anniversary of D-Day

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Art & Photography Celebration Evening

An evening of celebrations for our A Level and GCSE Fine Art & Photography students

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Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Several pupils have achieved the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

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Year 9 & 10's 'The Visit'

Congratulations to Year 9 & 10 for their outstanding performance!

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Ten Tors 2024

A huge well done to all the incredible participants of the Ten Tors Challenge 2024!

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Summer performs Animal Farm with British Youth Music Theatre

Summer performs Animal Farm with British Youth Music Theatre

Senior School News