Ten Tors Success!

This year's Ten Tors saw yet again Blundell's Teams successfully complete the challenge. Three 35-mile teams and one 45-mile team set of at 7.00 am on Saturday morning to the sounds of the 105 Guns in the mist, visibility was not good but did lift later. The teams set off at a good pace, but the conditions were extremely challenging and though the occasional navigational error occurred they were quickly rectified. This year we saw two pupils taken off the Moor due to injury or medical reasons, this normally would dampen the morale of the team, but in true Blundell's spirit it only made the teams more determined. All the 35 mile teams made their predicted campsite, but the 45 mile team displayed true grit, after a delay early in the day meant they were behind time and realised they would not make their planned campsite, they decided to camp short and make up the additional 13 kilometres on Sunday, which to their credit they did, but at some personal sacrifice, with the whole team pushing through a number of pain barriers, cramps, blisters, and exhaustion.

The 35s also had a number of issues to overcome, but they all made good time and completed by mid-afternoon on Sunday. It was remarkable to see the cohesion and sheer determination of the teams, pupils pushing themselves and each other through a variety of pain barriers in order not to let the team down, when it would have been easier to stop. Though all teams were exceptional the standout performance was the 45-mile team, as the clock was ticking down, and the finish line in sight, they managed to find the strength to push on, and it was clear to see they were doing it for each other rather than themselves.

Ten Tors is probably one of the hardest physical and mental challenges our pupils will face, and it was extremely humbling to see the teams overcome the challenge this weekend, I am sure once the pain of blisters and aching muscles subside, they will look back on this weekend with fond memories, and I can almost guarantee they will never forget it!