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Information for overseas agents

Blundell’s Admissions Department works with a number of agencies throughout the world in an effort to maintain a global outlook for its 630 pupils. Blundell’s is over 400 years old and maintains a healthy full boarding community.

Pupil Numbers by Year/Sex/Status 2023-24

Number of PupilsTotalBoardersFlexi-boardersDay
Pupils in school634236116282
11-13 (Years 7 & 8)120101397
13-18 (Years 9-13)514226103185
Sixth Form201 (boys109 : girls 92)1034157

All agencies will have a contract before any commission is paid and accreditation to BBSN or BSA is accepted, or two appropriate references are required. The standard commission paid is 10% of the first year’s fees paid termly. A small number of agencies who have successfully introduced a number of pupils each year and over a longer period of time, may be offered a further 5% commission for a second year.

There are approximately 90 overseas pupils who typically come from about 17 different countries and it is possible to join any year group if a suitable bed is available. There are a limited number of one or two term stays in most year groups for our Educational and Cultural Immersion programmes

Educational & Cultural Immersion Programme

Admission to Blundell's

Senior SchoolYear GroupAgeEntry LevelNational Curriculum
School House (Junior Department)Year 711-12YesKey Stage 3
Year 812-13Possibly
Main SchoolYear 913-14Yes
Year 1014-15PossiblyKey Stage 4 GCSE
Year 1115-16Yes+ one year GCSE
Year 1216-17YesA Level + BTEC
Year 1317-18Possibly

Yr 11 One Year GCSE Course for Overseas Students

All enquiries should be made to Peter Klinkenberg, the Registrar

Application Process:

  1. Enquiry made to Peter Klinkenberg – with details of pupil, DOB, proposed entry date and preferably with a recent school report and a copy of their passport.
  2. Response from the Registrar
  3. School visit, if possible – arranged by contacting Andrea Gray, Admissions Co-ordinator
  4. Possible general discussion via TEAMs on-line with the Registrar if requested
  5. Registration required before testing
  6. Agent should arrange and oversee testing – Maths and English Writing Task - + OPT on-line test (log-in supplied by Julie Edge )
  7. Once results are available, pupil interview on-line with Jo Hadley, Head of EAL,
  8. Sanctions check is carried out by the school for both parents.
  9. Final decision re possible offer, or not, by the Registrar

Moving towards Acceptance

  1. Registrar issues formal Offer Letter, Acceptance Form (+ deposit), Medical Form and Parent Terms & Conditions
  2. Copies required of Pupil’s Passport and Birth Certificate
  3. Copies required of both Parents’ Passports
  4. A letter is required for one or two term stays from their current school, confirming that they will have a place there when they return home

Useful publications

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